‘Protect statute to strengthen democracy’


Senior leader of the Nepali Congress Ramchandra Paudel said democracy would be strong only if the constitution was protected.

At a programme organised by NC, Kaski, on the occasion of 45th National Reconciliation Day in Pokhara today, Paudel stressed that the reinstatement of the House of Representatives was the need of the hour because democracy would be strong only through protection of the constitution.

Saying that foreign forces were playing in the country after the dissolution of the HoR, he clarified that reinstatement of HoR was the solution to the ongoing problem. He argued that though it would be in favour of the NC if the country went for polls, the democratic republic brought after a long struggle would be jeopardised.

The senior NC leader opined that he had struggled in the party to protect the constitution, and he would also fight with the government, adding that NC was not afraid of election.

Senior leader Paudel also blamed the government for dissolving the HoR after failing to settle a dispute that had surfaced in the party although the left alliance was given a mandate to run the government for five years.

Similarly, former general-secretary of NC Taranath Ranabhat commented that the dissolution of HoR had put the constitution at risk, adding that reinstatement of the HoR was the best alternative.

Likewise, different NC leaders, including Shukra Raj Sharma, Yagya Bahadur Thapa, Khem Raj Poudel, Devraj Chalise and Krishna KC said that BP Koirala had adopted national unity and reconciliation at a time when the nation was at risk.