Protest on at Agriculture and Forestry University

Chitwan, January 25

The students’ protest programmes that started some days ago against the move of the Agriculture and Forestry University in Rampur, Chitwan, to spend its budget on the purchase of luxury vehicles for its officials, has continued to affect regular classes and administrative work.

The protesters have accused university officials of spending the budget on extravagant things, while it lacks educational materials, buildings for laboratory and the library is in dilapidated condition.

As part of the protest led by Nepal Students Union, the political student wing affiliated to the Nepali Congress, the central office of the varsity has been padlocked.

The varsity has purchased a vehicle of TATA Company worth Rs 6.1 million for its Vice Chancellor, a vehicle of the same worth for its registrar, and a vehicle of Hyundai Company worth Rs 5.1 million for chairman of the University Service Commission, the agitators alleged.

Likewise, four other vehicles have been purchased each for its two deans and director of the central office and research director.