Protest continues in Dhankuta

Dhankuta, December 31

Locals in Dhankuta protested with a rally that banged empty plates and demanded the status of Province 1 capital for Dhankuta, in Dhankuta Bazaar today.

Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry led the rally that turned into corner meeting at Madan Chowk after taking a round of Dhankuta Bazar.

At the corner meeting, Provincial Assembly Member Niran Rai said that the government and political parties have to influence the leadership to establish Dhankuta as the provincial capital.

Dhankuta Municipality Mayor Chintan Tamang said it would be an injustice on hilly areas if Dhankuta was not made the provincial capital. He urged the municipal residents to continue the agitation until Dhankuta was announced the provincial capital. Businessmen from Dhankuta Bazaar, Hile, Jorpati, Sidhuwa, Pakhribas, among other places, took part in the rally.

A 501-member protest committee led by Niran Rai was formed at a meeting held today. Similarly, Dhankuta locals staged a sit-in protest in Kathmandu.