Protestors burn CM’s effigy, demand resignation of Home Minister and CM

DHANGADI: Agitated protestors on Tuesday shouted anti-government slogans in front Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers in Far Western Province and demanded resignation of Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta and Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa over government’s failure to solve Nirmala Panta’s rape and murder mystery.

Citing that the government has failed to deliver justice to Panta and her kin, cadres of the sister organisations of main opposition Nepali Congress burned an effigy of CM Bhatta while displaying posters used nationwide during protests seeking "Justice for Nirmala".

Agitated opposition cadres also halted vehicular movement at the site and demanded that the government make public the guilty behind the rape and murder. Likewise, protestors also demanded government not to book or trouble innocents in the name of investigation.

“Government’s inability to find and book the guilty even after four months since the incident is disappointing,” Nepal Student Union Kailali Chair Bhesh Bam said, “The government has granted guardianship to the culprits.”