Biratnagar, February 3 Chief Minister of Province 1 Sherdhan Rai today said the main business in the winter session would be to fix the permanent headquarters and name of Province 1. Chief Minister Rai said at a press meet organised in the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers today that the winter session would start with the issue of the permanent capital and name of the province. “Everybody’s concern at present is where the province headquarters will be and its name,” he said. CM Rai added that the issue of permanent headquarters and name were not decided in the past session. “The permanent headquarters and the province name will be the main subject of discussion this session,” he informed. CM Rai said the subject of discussion would be as per the regulation as it was the most important meeting of the Assembly. “This winter session will finalise the permanent headquarters and the name of the province at any cost,” Rai said. CM Rai said that the Province Assembly has the right to decide. CM Rai said that as many as six bills would also be discussed in the session.