Province 2 will make laws on its own, warns minister

Rajbiraj, November 18

Province 2 Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development Jitendra Sonal today warned that the provincial government would formulate laws on its own if the central government continued its current modus operandi.

Inaugurating Drinking Water and Sanitation Division-1 office in district head quarters Rajbiraj, Minister Sonal said the provincial government would bring out contract service act and appoint employees required in the province.

He said the delay in the formulation of laws by the federal government had affected regular functioning of the provincial government.

Minister Sonal flayed the central government for just deploying 2,200 employees though the province government was in need of 5,000 staffers. “We will recruit employees by passing the Provincial Public Service Act from the Provincial Assembly itself,” added the minister for Physical Infrastructure Development.

Minister Sonal accused the government of allocating budget to the province without plan and serious thought. “The ball is in the court of the central government. We will respond to the government on the basis of its behaviour,”the minister said.

Minister Sonal warned of blocking all the revenues generated by Province 2 and using it for its development if budget for the province was not allocated on the basis of its population.