‘Province 3 still in transitional phase’

Hetauda, June 3

Chief Minister of Province 3 Dormani Poudel today said that the province was in transitional phase.

Inaugurating the gathering of internal affairs and law ministers of all the seven provinces in Hetauda today, Poudel said that the province was in the transitional phase as the provincial government was formed only four months ago. “There are still big challenges in making laws for the provinces,” he added.

Poudel said that only 12 laws had been made till date. Poudel said that the present provincial government has to make 99 laws. “The procedure of making law is too dull,” he said, adding that formulation of law should be fast-tracked.

Poudel clarified that the federal budget would give clarity on the issue of provincial budget, but it was not as expected. He said that he had been quite hopeful about the rights of provinces after the budget, but on this score too, he was disappointed. He said that the working procedure of provinces should be similar. “There should not be differences among us,” he said. Participants at the gathering said that the federal government’s budget, policies and programmes and the allocated budget were against the sentiments of the federal set-up. They further requested a review of the budget as the budget was not allocated as per provinces.

The ministers at the gathering decided to share experiences, bring uniformity in policies and cooperate with each other in the days to come. Province 3 Internal  Affairs and Law Minister Shalik Ram Jamkattel said the process of making laws related to province Police, investigation bureau, ministers of provinces and also rectifying the protocol of provincial ministers and lawmakers would begin.

Province 1 Internal and Law minister Hikmat Karki, Gyanendra Yadav of Province 2, Shalik Ram Jamkattel of Province 3, Hari Bahadur Chuman of Province 4, Kul Prasad KC of Province 5, Naresh Bhandari of Karnali Province and Prakash Shah of Province 7 participated in the gathering.