Province 4 State Assembly passes bill for implementation of economic proposal

POKHARA: State Assembly of Province 4 on Tuesday has passed the Bill for implementation of the economic proposal of provincial government with majority.

On the occasion, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, Kiran Gurung, said that the bill was necessary for implementation of the economic proposal of the provincial government.

Taking part in the discussion on the budget, Provincial Assembly member Indralal Sapkota said that revenue administration should be made effective, saying economic aspects were the basis of prosperity of the province.

Similarly, other assembly members — Bindu Kumar Thapa and Hari Sharan Acharya — also expressed their views.

Responding to queries raised in the discussion, Economic Affairs Minister Gurung said that the budget was brought targeting province's prosperity and development. He also urged other political parties including the opposition parties to support the government for its effective implementation.

Minister Gurung tabled the Appropriation Bill-2075 BS before the Provincial Assembly in the meeting.

Meanwhile, the next meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday.