Province 7 turns into 'hub' for criminal activities

DHANGADI: Province 7 has become a hub for criminal activities due to open border with China and India. The province has been slowly graduating into a transit point for criminals.

The province connects to China through Tibet in the north and India through Uttar Pradesh in the south and Uttarakhand in the west.

According to Provincial Police Chief Madhav Thapa, short distance between open borders could be the key reason for the drastic increase in criminal activities including robbery of illegal goods, buying and selling of goods traded evading custom duties.

He further said that there has been continuous and unfailing involvement of the police from the respective area in order to mitigate such crimes.

He mentioned that they were lacking in necessary number of security personnel. "But now we have mobilised good number of security personnel to make the security as tough as possible."

Animal hides, bones, and drugs were exported from India to China. Similarly, raw betel nuts were also being illegally exported to India.

Illegal pharmaceutical drugs and weapons have been exported to India from Province - 7, as per sources.

The police posts that join Tibet shifts towards hilly areas during the snowy winters that made criminals carry out the illegal activities with ease.

However, police have gradually heightened their security and arrested the criminals.

Recently, 17 different types of drugs were seized in teh current fiscal year. Likewise, eight quintals hashish, more than four kilograms of Opium and 28 kilograms of brown sugar among others were also confiscated in the fiscal year 2017/18, informed DSP Harka Rawal at the Dipayal District Police Office.

There is an ongoing case on 130 arrested criminals who were involved various contrabands including eight leopard hides, one dozen tiger hide and five leopard teeth among others.