PA members’ dress code yet to be decided

Janakpurdham, February 1

An all-party meeting for running the Provincial Assembly in Province-2 concluded without agreement on the formal dress code for PA members.

According to Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal Provincial Assembly member Abhiram Sharma, there has been agreement on allowing Provincial Assembly members to wear clothes of their choice on the day of the first provincial meeting.

“The clothes must be at least such that it reflects the Madhes, that’s all for the first PA meeting,” he said, adding temporary identity cards will soon be provided to PA members.

“As the logo for the Provincial Assembly is not ready, the PA members will get provincial ID cards,” he said, discussions are on as to what to include in the PA logo.

NC lawmaker Ram Saroj Yadav said the first PA meeting is expected to decide on the PA logo. “As for now, the PA members at least will have to wear brown coat or waist coat,” he said, adding that the meeting couldn’t also decide on which language would be the medium of communication during the meeting scheduled for Sunday.

SP Chakra Bahadur Singh of Dhanusha said no agreement had been reached on the dress code of marshals.

“Though there has been a circular from the police headquarters that says males must wear Daura Suruwal and coat and women saree, no agreement has been reached,” he said. The parties have called their parliamentary party meetings on Saturday.

The Provincial Assembly in Province 2 comprises 107 members.