Provincial structure is heart of federalism, says CM Rai


Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai has described the provincial structure as the essence of federalism.

“We were familiar with the central and local levels, but the provincial structure is rather a new practice,” said the chief minister.

He was speaking at the Ministry of Financial Affairs and Planning today.

“Just as the provincial structure is the heart of federalism, MFAP is the heart of the provincial government. I have come to know that this heart of the provincial government is not doing well,” he said, upon being briefed about the financial scenario of the province.

“I have got to know how this heart that was performing well in the first year landed in this chronic condition in the second year; now that we’ve diagnosed the problem, the process of healing the ailing heart has started,” he added.

During his presence at the ministry today, Rai instructed the staffers at the ministry to set right all the wrongs happening in the ministry.

“The latest political development in the country might have brought some confusion, but I urge all of you to perform your duty with full sincerity,” he said.