Biratnagar, August 19:

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is planning to shift its Sagarmatha zonal office from Diktel, district headquarters of Khotang to Gaighat, district headquarters of Udayapur.

PSC said its office is going to be shifted due to security reason. Administrative sources said the Sagarmatha zone-based security committee had decided to shift this office to Gaighat and a copy of the decision has been dispatched to the Cabinet for discussion. A source said, Sagarmatha zonal administrator Ram Kumar Subba, during King’s visit to the Eastern region, had appealed the King to shift the office from Khotang. “It will be easier for examinees to go to Gaighat than Khotang due to transportation and other facilities,” Govinda Prasad Subedi, coordinator of Dhankuta-based PSC regional office, said.

A group, including Subedi had reached Gaighat last week study the situation of Gaighat. PSC had established zonal office in Diktel in 2022 BS. According to Subedi, very few examinees used to appear exams in Diktel due to security reason since past few years. Few applicants of the 1,200, who had applied to the post of Kharidar this year, appeared the examination due to insecurity, said Subedi. An examinee, Purushottam Dahal opined that there is lodging and fooding problem in Khotang. Applicants at the PSC, meanwhile, have demaned establishing a correspondence office in Biratnagar or any other appropriate place. The examinees are facing difficulty as the PSC stopped receiving forms send vie post offices and couriers. “PSC is discussing the issue but has not decided anything,”said Subedi.