Public toilets dilapidated before use

Dadeldhura, January 16

It is reported that more than half-a-dozen public toilets have become dilapidated even before being brought to use at Bagkgor in Dadeldhura.

It is said that more than Rs 10 lakh was spent to construct a toilet. “The toilets at the district headquarters have yet to come into operation though construction works had completed a year ago,” said Bimal Karki, a local. He said the toilets were dilapidated before they became operational. The public toilets, which were constructed next to Bagkhor-based Drinking Water Division Office, could not come into operation. With financial assistance of the division office, two toilets were constructed and four more toilets were constructed with the help of Amargadi Municipality a year ago. “But they have yet to come into use and their state is deteriorating due to lack of sanitation and care among others,” Karki added.

Amargadi Municipality had constructed the public toilets in Pokhara, Bagkhor Bus Park and Syaule of the district.

Indra Bahadur Aire, a local businessman, said tourists, passengers and others have been facing problems after the toilets could not come into operation. “The district headquarters has become foul-smelling with passengers and tourists relieving themselves in the open,” he added.

Planning Officer Lal Bahadur Saud of Amargadi Municipality said that the project could not come into operation though the concerned authority had handed it over to the consumers committee after completing the work. “We have helped plan the project, but the problems occurred after the local committee did not help in its operation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Raj Kumar Shakya, chief of the division office said he was unaware about the constructed public toilets. He said that he would take the initiative to bring the toilets into operation.