PKD roots for consensus govt

Chitwan, March 8

Former prime minister and Chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said that he would talk to the newly elected president of Nepali Congress Sher Bahadur Deuba about formation of a national consensus government.

He said, "Soon after I return to the capital, I will visit newly elected NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba and take initiative to discuss formation of a national consensus government."

Speaking to journalist at a function organised at Amritnagar of Chitwan today, Dahal reiterated the importance of an all-party government to effectively implement the new constitution and carry out the reconstruction drive.

Dahal, who is also coordinator of the High Level Political Mechanism, stated that Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, Unified CPN-Maoist, among other parties, will be included in the government as per the earlier 16-point gentleman’s agreement.

Dahal said that the Nepalese got their much-awaited constitution after many movements and years of waiting. "However, proper implementation of the newly promulgated constitution is one of the biggest challenges of the hour. Hence, there is no alternative to unity among parties," he said. The parties need to stand together for implementation of the constitution, speed up the reconstruction drive after the earthquake and ensure national unity and prosperity. However, he didn't clarify on formation of the national consensus government.

Meanwhile, Dahal said they were intensifying the bid to unify Maoist parties and their efforts had reached the last phase.