Post-quake changes in Patan Durbar Square draws tourists

LALITPUR: US national Bill P Frerking had come to observe a statue of the King Narendra Malla in Patan Durbar Square sometimes ago.

Frerking took interest to visit the historical place after his grandfather narrated him about the Malla-era King. His grandfather had taken some snapshots of the statue during his visit to Nepal in 1964 AD. "The photographs are still safe and they have also encouraged me to visit the place", Bill said.

Patan Museum Chief Suresh Lakhe said that Bill had come to observe the post-earthquake situation of Patan Durbar Square.

The inflow of tourists to the tourism areas of Lalitpur has gradually increased this year while there was no any movement last year, the museum chief said.

Most of them are the foreigners who want to see the change in artefacts made by the devastating earthquakes in April and May last year.

The Museum sources said that tourist flow rose with the dissemination of information through different media that Nepal is safe for visits after the earthquake.