Quake victim waiting to be listed among beneficiaries

Dolakha, August 16

Although more than three years have passed since her thatched house collapsed in the devastating earthquakes of 2015, Nita Ghimire of Baiteshwor Rural Municipality is still waiting to be listed in the list of beneficiaries eligible to receive government grant, in Dolakha.

In the post-quake period, five governments and as many chief executive officers of National Reconstruction Authority have changed. Those CEOs, heads of state and political leaders promised to provide government grant for house reconstruction. Technicians and government officials reached the village to prepare the list of victims so as to distribute relief. Some new houses were reconstructed in her locality, but Nita is still waiting for her name to appear in the list of the beneficiaries.

Nita lost her forty-five-year-old husband for want of warm clothes and cosy shelter. “I have no hope of building a house on my own after my husband passed away.