Quake victims’ children suffer from pneumonia

Lamjung, January 8

With the increasing cold, cases of pneumonia have increased among children of earthquake victims in Lamjung.

These victims are living in improvised shelters even after 30 months of devastating earthquakes that displaced them from their houses.

Children of the quake victims living in Ilampokhari, Kolki and Dudhpokhari Rural Municipality are suffering from pneumonia. Not only children, but also the elderly are suffering from cold-related diseased.

“As it has become too cold, the ids have started suffering from cold, cough, fever and pneumonia,” said Aaita Kumari Gurung of Beteni, Kolki-5.

Rajman Gurung of Thulokavre in Ilampokhari-3, also informed that many in his village have pneumonia now.

Bichaur Health Post Chief Prakash Chaudhary confirmed that incidence of cold-related diseases had shot up among locals. “Many come for treatment these days and among them a number of kids are found to be suffering from cold, cough, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases,” he said.

District Public Health Office Lamjung senior public health officer Keshav Prasad Chapagain linked the increasing pneumonia cases with lack of clothes.

“As the kids don’t have warm clothes and are living in improvised shelters, they seem to be getting pneumonia and other cold-related diseases,” he said.