Sindhupalchok quake-hit to avail themselves of free designs

SINDHUPALCHOK: Survivors of the earthquake of April 25, 2015 in the district would be provided with free house designing services to build earthquake-resilient houses.

Those who have been rendered disabled due to the quake, suffered other human losses and from weak economic status are entitled to the facility.

The scheme under the Community Resilience and Development Programme of the United Nations Development Programme would be funded by the Pulchok Engineering College and the Japanese Government and coordinated by the Melamchi Municipality.

The facility would require municipality recommendations after identifying genuine quake victims who have met the aforementioned criteria, said executive chief of the municipality, Purna Prasad Dulal.

The scheme aims to help poorest ones who cannot afford it to build new houses for them, he added.

The drive will run for three days. On Wednesday alone, 10 teams of two each have reached Shikharpur and Talamarang for the same.

To begin with, a team of 30 engineers have already started drawing the designs of the houses for them by setting up camps in Melamchi.

Engineer at the municipality, Rajesh Sharma, said the engineers would identify suitable areas to construct houses for survivors and start drawing house sketches following their demand for the same with necessary documents and recommendations from the concerned ward of the municipality.