Quarantine facilities in Bhojpur below prescribed standards

BHOJPUR: People under quarantine in Shadananda Municipality-14 of Bhojpur district are under risk of COVID-19 transmission as the quarantine facilities are below prescribed standards of safety.

As many as 18 persons have been quarantined in the municipality to stop the possible spread of coronavirus. However, people are forced to sleep on mats in absence of proper beds, which is the basic infrastructure for a quarantine facility.

During the establishment of quarantine facilities, the standard guidelines were not followed, which has put those in quarantine under additional risk of other infectious diseases atop stirring fears of the COVID-19 infection, shared Chief District Officer, Basantarao Puri.

District Administration Office has directed the concerned authorities to make necessary improvements and additions since most quarantine facilities do not meet proper safety guidelines required to contain the spread.

Currently, 367 persons have been kept in quarantine facilities across the district.