Rai says no Indian blockade in place

Lamjung, December 3

Senior leader of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Ashok Rai today said there is no Indian blockade of Nepal.

“There is of course low flow of vehicles from India but it’s not due to the ‘Indian blockade’. It is due to the fact that the government of Nepal has failed to ensure the safety of vehicles,” Rai argued, speaking at a press conference organised by the Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Journalists here today.

Suggesting that political leaders must resolve internal affairs by talking to dissatisfied groups, Rai urged all and sundry to stand united in case of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the country.

Also, he accused the major three political parties of being apathetic to the demands of the Madhes. “The present crisis is due to the obstinacy of the major parties. Once they show flexibility and are ready to address the demands of agitators, normalcy will return to the country,” he reasoned, criticising the government for using oppressive measures against agitators in the plains.

Commenting on the agitation programmes launched by United Democratic Madhesi Front cadres from the Indian side with the support of Indian authorities, Rai criticised the practice of both the burning of the Indian flag as well as launching the struggle for the rights of the Madhesi people by carrying Indian flags.

Rai also demanded that the government fulfil the demands of the agitating parties. “Our primary demand is for review of state boundaries.

Similarly, proportional inclusiveness and electoral constituencies on the basis of population are our demands and they should be fulfilled as the demands are for the good of the entire nation,” he remarked.

FSF is a constituent party of the broader United Democratic Madhesi Front.