Rain forecast across country; weather to take one week to fully improve

KATHMANDU: The weather is expected to be generally to mostly cloudy in the eastern and central regions and partly to generally cloudy in the western region of the country today.

Brief rain accompanied with lightning, gusty winds and hail have been predicted at many places of the eastern and central regions and at a few places of the western region on Friday and will continue tonight, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD).

Senior meteorologist Barun Poudel was quoted in Rastriya Samachar Samiti as saying, "The wind generated from the Bay of Bengal carrying water vapour enters Nepal from today. When the impact of the Westerly wind and the local wind continues and the meeting of three systems of weather has triggered a light rainfall across the country."

''Though the weather is expected to become clear on Sunday morning and afternoon for a short-time, rain will reoccur from the late afternoon, '' he said.

On Saturday, one or two places in the western region and some places in the eastern region are likely to see rains accompanied by lightning, wind and hailstone with partial to generally cloudy conditions across the country.

The weather is not clear for the past few days and as a result, maximum temperature has dropped, leading to a chilly weather. It is expected to take a week for weather to fully improve.

The latest weather updates show that the Kathmandu Valley's today minimum temperature was recorded at 11.7 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature was measured 23.5 degree Celsius. Jumla recorded the lowest 4.4 degree Celsius temperature while Dhangadhi saw the highest 34.9 degree Celsius.