Rainfall obstructs Falgunanda road section

DAMAK: The section of the Falgunanda Highway linking Damak of Jhapa to Ranke of Ilam via Rabi of Panchthar has been obstructed due to heavy downpour.

Vehicles have stopped plying after the gravel road suffered damages following the rainfall.

Locals of Phuyetappa, Aamchowk, Lumde, Gajarmukhi, Ivang and Banjho VDCs of Ilam and Angsarang, Phattep, Sarangdana and Limba VDCs of Panchthar district have been hit hard due to the disruption of the road. They have been compelled to travel a long distance to visit the district headquarters and markets in Tarai region.

The 70-kilometre road that goes through some two dozen VDCs of Ilam and Panchthar comes into operation except rainy season. The incessant rainfall occurred for the past few days has damaged 17-kilomtere road along the Damak-Larumba section.