Himalayan News Service

Nepalgunj, January 4

Midwestern regional convention of the Raj Parishad ended today resolving that either rewriting or amendment of the present constitution would help solve the present problems facing the country.

The convention has sought formation of an interim government which would conduct free elections. It also resolved that special provisions of reservations to certain disadvantaged groups in such elections would help proportionate representation.

Standing Committee Chairman of Raj Parishad Parsu Narayan Chaudhary opined that the present constitution needed massive improvements. Chaudhary said he favoured a proportionate representation system which would equate soverignty among different ethnic communities, oppressed and disadvantaged and other minority groups. "There is no need for a constituent assembly. No political practice is more dangerous than going for a constituent assembly," he said.

Opining rewriting or amendment in present constitution, Chaudhary voiced for unity among all political parties for making the elections free and fair. Claiming that the King has always accepted constitutional monarchy, Chaudhary said that the King has followed the constitution the most.