Ram Chandra Paudel says he will certainly file candidacy for Nepali Congress presidency

PARBAT: Nepali Congress Vice-President Ram Chandra Paudel has said it is certain that he would file his candidacy to the post of President in the party's upcoming 13th national general convention.

At a news conference organised by Parbat chapter of the Nepal Press Union in Kushma Bazaar of the district this morning, Vice-President Paudel said that he would file the candidacy at any cost as it was his decision.

Stating that he played a role of mediator between Sushil Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deuba till now, he determined that he would now not backtrack from his decision.

Vice-President Paudel claimed that his victory has already been guaranteed due to his contribution to the party, saying he took the decision to file the candidacy to the post as per the demand of the hour and party.

On a different note, he said that the solution of the existing problem was the Constitution Amendment Bill tabled by the NC-led government in the Parliament.

The NC Vice-President said that the ongoing problems surfaced in Tarai-Madhes would be resolved soon after a decision was taken by holding discussion on the Bill.

He also urged the agitating Madhes-based political parties to come for talks leaving the no man's land.

Paudel said that the existing problem surfaced after political parties failed to make people of Tarai known about the issues of new Constitution.

Claiming that the new constitution promulgated through the Constituent Assembly was the best document in South Asia, he warned the Madhes-based parties not to hatch conspiracy against new Constitution saying it was incomplete.

Leader Paudel said that the NC had shown activeness to resolve the existing problems, adding the NC-led government had tabled the amendment proposal for the same.