Ramechhap Municipality locals still living in the dark

Ramechhap, August 28

Service delivery has been affected at various government offices of Ramechhap Municipality due to power outage.

Ramechhap Municipality Ward No 4 Chairperson Tupendra Tamang said they were facing many problems due to power outage. “Computers have become useless and we have to do much of the office work manually,” he added.

Majority of the residents of the Municipality are forced to light oil-fed lamps at night.

Local Hari Magar complained that they had been compelled  to pay high amounts in different taxes, but the government had not been able to provide electricity, roads and other services.

Electricity has yet to reach Gothgaun of Ward No 1 and Rampur of Ward No 5 in Ramechhap Municipality.

As many as seven wards of then Himganga Village Development Committee are still living in the dark for want of power supply.

Ward Chairperson Tamang said the municipality had allocated Rs one million to supply power to those wards.

Nepal Electricity Authority Ramechhap Distribution Centre chief Binod Adhikari said they had failed to supply electricity to some parts of the municipality due to lack of budget.

“We will be supplying electricity to all wards gradually,” Adhikari said. He added that his office was preparing to issue tender notice for supplying power to some wards this fiscal.