Rape cases being settled with money in Bajura

BAJURA: A 20-year-old Rama Rokaya (name changed) of Manakot, Bajura was raped by a local youth a year ago. She even delivered a baby.

The youth, however, denied accepting the baby.

Later, she reached District Women and Children Office seeking justice.

With an initiative of elders and activists, the case was settled after the youth paid Rs 60,000 to the victim.

After the youth rejected to accept the baby, Rokaya had even tried to commit suicide. Later, she was called back and the case was resolved with money.

Similarly, Dhansara Kadara (name changed) of Bajura had also fallen prey to rape.

The case was resolved with Rs 70,000.

Likewise, a youth of Bajura abducted a girl of Achham and tried to marry off the girl forcefully. She was even raped.

The case was, however, solved with Rs 15,000.

There are just some examples.

Many women in Far-Western Region have been found settling the issues by taking money.

According to DSP Shyam Paudel, Chief at the District Police Office, only some victims come to the office to file complaint against the culprits.

He further informed that most of the cases are solved with money.

According to District Judge Dr Rajendra Kumar Acharya, rape and attempted rape cases in Bajura are settled with money.

The victims reached the court only after the cases were not resolved with money.