Rape, murder attempt cases filed against police constable in Doti

DHANGADHI: A police constable stationed at a temporary police post in Gadsera area of Jorayal Rural Municipality has been accused of attempting to murder a teenage girl after raping her. A complaint has been filed against the police personnel at Doti District Police Office (DPO).

The 24-year-old police constable raped a 15-year-old girl of Jorayal-5 on Thursday night and tried to kill her, the victim's kin accused.

The constable went to the residence of the teenager and allegedly raped her in the room where she was sleeping. Subsequently, he took her to a nearby tree and hanged her where the victim's relatives found her unconscious.

The victim's father said, when he heard a scream he went outside to find his daughter hanging by the tree with her shawl. "Quickly, I cut the shawl to save her life," he said and added that she was rushed to a health post in Gadsera for treatment. He lamented that the temporary police post did not register the FIR against the culprit.

The victim's father took her to Seti Provincial Hospital in Dhangadhi where she retained her consciousness following the treatment.

The victim was found with injury marks on her throat and bruises on her legs which she said resulted from the thrashing she got from the police personnel.

She said, "The policeman often used to talk to me over the phone. He proclaimed his love for me and had also promised to marry me. But on Thursday night he came to my room and raped me."

Gadsera Police Post rejects filing of cases

The victim's mother alleged that the temporary police post based in Gadsera did not register FIR against the police constable despite the request from the victim's side.

They had reached the police post to complain about the incident on Friday, October 30. "Instead of filing the case, in-charge at the post threatened us and told us to go to the DPO," victim's mother said.

Doti DPO files case with reluctance

Moreover, the victims family has alleged that the DPO also reluctantly filed the rape and murder-attempt case.