Rapti boat mishap toll 12

Banke, September 6:

Belaspur and Nawalpur villages in Baijapur VDC of Banke are in mourning for those who drowned in the Rapti river boat mishap yesterday.

Even strangers passing by are joining in the keening for the drowned and missing. The bodies of 12 of the 28 drowned in Govarpur Ghat of Kachnapur VDC-1 have been retrieved, while those of 16 others are still untraceable, said DSP Uttam Karki at the Banke district police office. Nine of the 12 bodies found have been identified, he added.

One body was found in Shravasti of India. Two bodies that were found at Kamdi and Fatthepur respectively of Banke are yet to be identified. Eleven persons from Belaspur village alone have been missing in the river. Police teams, students, teachers, volunteers and locals are searching for the missing persons.

Following the loss of her sister-in-law, two daughters and two nieces, Sita Chaudhari has been weeping non-stop. “I wish that I also die,” moaned Sita.

Moaning the death of his daughter Shanta, Sita’s brother-in law Mangtu Chaudhari said, “Preparations for her marriage were to start shortly. Me and my brother have lost all our daughters. He pleaded, “Please sir, if their bodies are found, please let us know.”

Kalawati, who lost her daughter Pramila, 15, sobbed, “She was so obedient. She used to help in the household work immediately after returning from school.” Kalawati added, “Pramila’s father was with her on the boat. He struggled to save her, but the river’s current swept her away. All he saw of her was her hand waving frantically to him, and then she was gone.”

Apart from the victims’ relatives, even strangers are pouring in to console the bereaved.