Rare buffaloes census at Koshi Tappu

KATHMANDU: The Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands in Nepal jointly carried out a census of rare wild water buffaloes in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve from May 2-4.

According to an initial report of the survey, the overall result of the census of the wild buffaloes, locally known as Arna, was satisfactory compared to last year's survey despite poaching and vulnerable situation.

There were a total of 159 wild water buffaloes including 117 adults and 42 calves spread over an area of 175 sqkm in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve according to the 2004 census. In 1976, the total number of wild water buffaloes was only 63. "We will finalise the present data by analysing the survey report after its official preparation," said Nilambar Mishra, conservation officer at the KTWR. The conservation area is spread over Saptari, Sunsari and Udayapur districts along the Koshi river in eastern Nepal.