RJP-R takes up royalist agenda

Rajbiraj, January 5

Rastriya Janata Party Rajabadi today denounced what it called ‘attempts to disintegrate the country in the name of federalism’, and called on the deposed king and political stakeholders to join hands to save the nation.

Speaking at a press conference in Saptari district headquarters Rajbiraj today, the RJP-R central chairperson Kishori Mahato sought the implementation of the gentleman’s agreement supposedly struck between the dethroned king Gyanendra Shah and political parties.

Further, defending the press statement issued by the former king recently, the leader went on to ask, “If a commoner can have a say in the nation’s affairs, why can’t the former king express his concerns about the country and the present affairs?” “In fact, it’s time for the king to come forward to say the country from the crisis,” he added.

Lobbying for a national holiday on the birth anniversary of late king Prithvi Narayan Shah in recognition of his feat of creating Nepal as a state, Mahato spoke against any bid to tear the country into pieces.

“No one has the right to disintegrate the country comprising mountains, hills and the Tarai,” he said.