RAUTAHAT: Market area in Gaur Municipality of Rautahat has remained completely shut for the second day today in course of a peaceful protest carried out by the business community in the district.

The indefinite strike -- called by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rautahat -- is reportedly being carried out against actions taken by police obstructing business activities of the entrepreneurs.

The business fraternity in the district complained that police have been seizing their products and sending them to customs office and revenue office despite they carrying out their trades inside the country in a legal manner.

The agitating business persons came out into the streets of Gaur Bazaar shouting slogans against police administration.

President of the Chamber, Pandit Jaiswal lamented that products imported into Nepal, after arriving at Gaur market, were being sent to rural areas of the district when they were intercepted and taken under police control despite necessary process of documentation being fulfilled. That is why they were compelled to choose the path of protest, he added.

Jaiswal further stated that they took their complaint to the District Administration Office and concerned security bodies, but to no avail, and therefore had to resort to shutting down the market.

"Until the confiscated products are returned to the business persons, the market will remain closed," he said.

(Translated/Edited by: Priyanka Adhikari)