Rautahat flood victims deprived of relief packages

RAUTAHAT: The flood victims in Rautahat district have been starving for couple of days as the government relief packages have failed to reach the remote areas in the district.

Elderly people fear that the flood affected area might be hit by famine.

Most of the families who have been displaced by flash flood in the district have been compelled to live in makeshift huts without proper drinking water and food.

The biggest floods after more than 2 decades have inundated 80 percent of the areas in the district, locals shared.

Most of the people have been displaced as their houses have been damaged by the flood triggered by incessant rainfall for four days.

Locals have been taking shelters at cowsheds, roadside and high areas near dams in the district.

Durga Bhawati Rural Municipality-4 is said to be worst hit by the disaster.

Local 55-year-old Dulari Devi Paswan said she is struggling to feed 14 members of the family. "I am bearing the brunt of seeing my three grandchildren starving," Paswan lamented.

"However, till date we haven't received any relief packages from the government, police personnel have register our names in the list of disaster victims," Paswan shared.

More than 80 families have been compelled to live a miserable refugee life near the Bagmati river western dam site.

The locals displaced by the flood gushed through Lalbakiya, Bagmati and Jhaaj river dams have displaced thousands of people and struggling to survive of famine.

"It would have been better had i died in the flood, instead of seeing my children and grandchildren starving for three days," an elderly expressed frustration.

At least 300 houses in Badhawa area have been destroyed and local are taking shelter in school, road and dams.

Locals residing in Dewahi, Gonahi, Inarwa, Laukaha, Pipra, Rajbada, Basantapatti, Kopawa, Mahuliya, Garuda, Matsari, Pachrukhi, Saruatta, Valohiya, Gado, Poparajwada, Madopur and other remote areas have been deprived of clean drinking water.

Meanwhile, locals fear an outbreak in epidemic in the district.