Rawal questions UNMIN stance

NEPALGUNJ; Minister for Home Affairs Bhim Rawal today said that the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) should provide the data of the Maoist combatants to the government.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Chautari Banke in Nepalgunj, Rawal said, “The government is making an effort to regulate the allowance that is being distributed to the combatants.’’ Rawal, however, stressed that the government was not compelled to provide perks for the combatants who are out of the cantonments. He questioned, “How can we give allowance to those who do

not have authentic identity cards or have cards without photo affixed?’’

On the security situation of the country, minister Rawal said that the situation has improved after the implementation of the ‘Special Security Plan’. He also claimed that the police these days are 95 per cent successful in nabbing criminals.

Commenting on the resignation of State Minister for Home Affairs Rizawan Ansari, Rawal maintained that he was called back as he violated the party’s code of conduct. He added, “I have good relation with him personally.”

Rawal claimed that anarchic activities will increase in the country if the Maoists come forth with vote of no confidence against the incumbent government. He said, “But the government is ready to face it.’’

Meanwhile, vice-chairman of CPN-UML Bamdev Gautam said that there was no alternative to promulgating a “concise constitution” by May 28 to avert constitutional crisis. He added, “The concise statute is ready,” adding, “And a complete statue can be promulgated within a year.’’ He, however, maintained that statute whether concise or complete was not possible until the

big three parties forge


On the possibility of Maoist-led government, he said, “We are ready to accept a Maoist-led government if the Maoists win confidence of all the parties.”

He added, “We can trust the Maoist-led government if they return the seized property abide by previous agreements and help in the rehabilitation of combatants.’’

Gautam also urged

the Maoists to shun their lines of “people’s revolt” and said, “National unity is today’s demand.”