Rayamajhi pushes for hard sell of civic polls to world

Kathmandu, February 12:

Former chairman of Rajparishad Standing Commission Keshar Jung Rayamajhi said the government should convince the foreign diplomats, governments and international bodies about the nature and results of the recently-held civic polls.

“If they are not happy with the election, we should convince them. If nobody is ready to do the needful, I can,” he said, addressing a programme at Media Group. He added, “How can a country borrow experiences from another? Every country has its own type of democracy.”

He also said that no matter how it was held, since there is no parameter in the constitution to call any election “illegal”, the new mayors, deputy mayors and other representatives could not be called “unconstitutional”.

“All we wish is that the new local representatives be sincere and accountable to the people,” he said.

Journalist Prabhu Narayan Basnet said the recently held election, held under the guidance of home minister Kamal Thapa was a mockery of elections and democracy. He added that it was more undemocratic than the election held by Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf.

Basnet also claimed that the government’s claim of 20 per cent vote-casting was hollow because everyone across the country saw how many people actually voted.

Referring to civic polls, advocate Bal Krishna Basnet said one should be happy doing small things if one cannot complete big things. “If I can donate a cow, it would be good. But, if that is not possible for me, I will ask the priest to accept a five-paisa coin in lieu of a cow and he agrees. The municipal election also bears the same significance,” he said.

He charged that the present political agitation was guided by Indian and US governments, adding that foreign governments had no right to speak for or against the results of the civic elections or its political meaning.

The advocate, however, added that the king of Nepal should not behave like a king of the 12th century and urged him to adapt to the changing times.