Kathmandu, November 16:

The High-Level Investigation Commission headed by former Supreme Court Justice Krsihna Jung Rayamajhi today said its report on the suppression of Jana Andolan II and killings won’t be made public.

The commission will submit the report to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala tomorrow.

“We will not make the report public,” Rayamajhi told this daily. He added that as there are serious matters in the report, publicising it may affect the law and order situation. Rayamajhi said they finalised the report today and sought Koirala’s time for its submission. The panel took 184 days to complete its work.

Rayamajhi said the Probe Commission Act, 1969, does not allow the commission to make the report public. “We can, however, disclose limited information verbally.”

He also, however, said that he would suggest the Prime Minister to make the report accessible to the people as it is a matter of public interest.

President of Nepal Bar Association, Shambhu Thapa, however, criticised the idea of keeping the report a secret and called on the government to respect the rights of the people. “If the government wants to respect the right to information of the people, the report must be made public,” he said.

“This is a public document and as such it must be made public as per article 16 of the 1990 Constitution and in accordance with the emerging principle of right to information and to promote the rule of law,” he said.

Advocate Upendra Keshari Neupane also suggested the government publicise the report and implement it’s suggestions so that it does not meet the same fate as that of the Mallik Commission report.