Re-exam for students with low grades

Bhaktapur, August 10

National Examination Board has decided to allow students, who have secured ‘D plus’ and lower, to take supplementary exam being conducted on September 1.

Earlier, the board had decided to conduct supplementary examination only for students, who could not secure ‘D plus’, in a bid to give them a fair chance to be eligible for university education.

NEB allowed students securing ‘D plus’ to take supplementary examination so that they could improve their grades and get more options at the university level,” said chairperson of Nation Examination Board Chandra Mani Paudel.

This is the first time NEB published results of Grade XI and XII in letter grading system. “Although students do not pass or fail in the grading system, students securing less than ‘D plus’ are not eligible for admission in any university,” informed Paudel. Only students with ‘D plus’ and above can pursue a university education.

“We want to ensure that only eligible and competent students go for university education. What is the use of sending students who have got less than ‘D’ grade to university?” he said.  As many as 266,657 students under regular category had attended Grade XII examinations. Of them, 65,000 students are eligible to take supplementary examinations.