Reactionaries behind unrest: Prachanda

Kathmandu, January 31:

Maoist supremo Prachanda today said his party has “concrete evidence” of infiltration of reactionary elements in the Terai movement. He added that his party would “expose” those elements in a press conference soon — most probably tomorrow.

Prachanda was talking to a group of human rights activists, members of civil society and professionals who met with him in the morning. The group handed over a memorandum to the Maoist leader, according to Pradeep Pokherel, the president of Human Development and Peace Campaign.

The memorandum — copies of which were also forwarded to other seven parties — states that the Maoists should make necessary amendments in the interim constitution and declare a federal system of governance and implement a proportional representation system for CA polls. The team urged the governm ent to publicise the Rayamajhi panel report.