Rehab programme giving new life to disabled kids

Dhading, October 23:

Disabled children of Dhading district have got a new life after the launch of the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme.

Facilitators of the CBR programme conduct searches for disabled children and the Banepa-based Disable Child Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre, Banepa, provides them medical treatment, said Natibabu Bhatta, a facilitator of the CBR.

Mainly disabled children have been rehabilitated, according to the CBR programme. The hospital has treated 555 disabled children, sources at the hospital and Bhatta said.

CBR facilitators have been working for the welfare of disabled children in Dhading since 1988.

The Community Based Rehabilitation programme gave a new life to Ram Bahadur Tamang, a disabled child who was suffering from TB, Bhatta said. “Tamang is just an example.

Two hundred disabled children are undergoing treatment at present,” Bhatta said.

With the help of facilitators, the CBR locates disabled children. The disabled children are taken to the Banepa-based hospital for treatment, Bhatta said, adding: “The CBR programme also pays for medical treatment and care of disabled children.”