Rehabilitation of flood victims starts

Biratnagar, August 22

Biratnagar Metropolitan City has rehabilitated 8,000 of the city’s flood-displaced people. The metropolis distributed tents, food materials and clothes, among other things.

Around 12,000 people were displaced by floods.

According to Mayor Bhim Parajuli, the rehabilitation work started after 8000 people eturned to their houses. Parajuli said they had started rehabilitating the remaining victims as well. “We will rehabilitate all the people within two to three days,” he said. “Squatters living on the banks of rivers will be taken to safer places after long-term planning,” he added.

Mayor Parajuli said rehabilitation started with the initiatives of local youth groups, Nepali Army and Jeevan Bikas Organisation.

According to Parajuli, the displaced victims in Wards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 19 had returned home. Parajuli said the victims, whose houses were completely destroyed were rehabilitated in the same places by constructing temporary houses. “The victims were shifted to their own houses after sanitation work,” he said.

Parajuli said the work of burying dead animals was almost complete. He said priority was given to burying animals to avoid possible outbreak of diseases.

As many as 3,000 houses in the metropolis were destroyed by flooding in different rivers. As many as 12,000 flood survivors were taking shelter in 57 camps in schools and organisations.