BABIYACHAUR: Foodstuffs meant for earthquake and landslide hit families in Myagdi have started rotting here in the district.

The relief materials including rice grain, wheat flour, biscuit and lentil among other foodstuffs as well as tents and blankets are stored at the godowns of the District Development Committee and the District Administration Office.

The government had dispatched two trucks of relief materials to the District Disaster Management Committee three months back. They were supposed to be distributed to the families affected by the April 25 earthquake and the landslide victims at Baiseri.

Responding to a query, the Chief District Officer, Sagarmani Pathak, said the materials could not be distributed due to the monsoon. According to him, most of the rural roads in the district were disrupted due to landslides, which caused a delay in collecting the data of the earthquake affected families in the district.

Pathak said the district administration was collecting data on the earthquake affected people again and distributing identity cards to them the data collected earlier through the VDC secretaries was not reliable.