Relief team barred from reaching Baglung flood, landslide victims

BAGLUNG: A team which had left for rescuing flood and landslide victims in the western area of Baglung district has been stuck on the way for last three days.

The rescue team which has left the district headquarters for the mission on Thursday has not reached the targeted place due to obstructions caused by landslides along a road.

The team includes representatives of Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, District Administration Office, Chamber of Commerce and Industry and some other organisations.

They could not distribute relief to the affected area, said Jagulal Pandey, Kharidar of the District Administration Office, adding that they were compelled to clear the landslide debris as there were many such blockages on the road.

The team has stuck at Bhimgithe in Baglung on Saturday, Chamber's Joint Treasurer Arjun Chokhal told the Rastriya Samachar Samiti over telephone.

"The road is totally blocked from Bhimgithe to Burtibang," he added.

As the road could not be cleared, they have made preparations to send the relief materials to Adhikari Chaur, Bungadobhan, Burtibang, Bhimgithe VDC through a helicopter.

Victims on the other hand have been facing much problem as they are not getting the relief materials. Due to the blocked road and communication services, actual situation and loss of the affected areas has not been reported yet.

Floods in Badigad, Nisi, Bhuji and Taman rivers triggered by the incessant rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday had swept away more than 100 settlements while more that 150 settlements were left at a high risk of flood.