Religious leaders for UN role for peace

Kathmandu, February 11:

Religious leaders affiliated to the Inter-Religious Peace Committee Nepal (IRPCN) today met Nepal representative of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Ian Martin, and expressed their deep concern over the deteriorating situation of the nation.

“The delegation was a part of the organisation’s effort to effort establish lasting peace in the nation,” Dr K B Rokaya, vice-president of IRPCN, said. “At a time when violence is ever increasing in the nation the delegation informed Ian Martin that the religious leaders want UN create further pressure upon both the warring sides to begin peace process,” a press release issued by the IRPCN said.

The delegation appealed the UN to help create situation in which no human rights are violated rather than only monitoring the cases of human rights violations.

Praising the efforts of the religious communities of Nepal for the peace process Martin said the religious communities can play significant role to prevent Nepal from engaging into more violence.