Repeat test results of COVID-19 patients at Seti Provincial Hospital still positive

DHANGADHI: The third test report of the youth infected with COVID-19, who is currently receiving treatment at Dhangadhi-based Seti Provincial Hospital, has come out positive yet again.

According to the hospital, the 34-year-old youth of Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City, had tested positive for the novel coronavirus on March 27.

The patient's test result for COVID-19 coming out positive for the third time has further extended his hospital-stay. The man, who had entered Nepal from Dubai via Delhi, was admitted to the hospital on March 24.

Similarly, his sister-in-law who was also found to have been infected by the novel virus earlier, has tested positive on her second round of test results, confirmed chief of emergency department at the Seti-Provincial Hospital, Dr Jagdish Joshi.

Furthermore, the second test result of the 41-year-old patient from Kanchanpur has also come out positive for the COVID-19 contagion while the second test result of the 21-year-old corona patient at the hospital is still awaited.

Four persons are currently undergoing treatment at the provincial hospital for coronavirus infection.