Report to be out in a month: BAGESHWORI UPRISING

Banke, July 11:

The report of the investigation into irregularities following the revolt by lower rank policemen in the Armed Police Force’s Bageshwori Battalion in Shumshergunj of Banke district against top officers will be out soon, a senior APF officer said.

APF SSP Rajendra Bahadur Singh, the coordinator of the probe committee, said the probe is on the final phase. The report will be made public within a few days, Singh told ediapersons today.

The probe has focused on the behaviour of seniors towards junior policemen, quality of ration provided to the juniors and other irregularities.

Over 20 days ago, the junior policemen revolted against their officers. The junior policemen called off their protest after spokesperson for the Home Ministry Modraj Dotel formed a committee to investigate irregularities at the APF battalion.

Member of the probe committee and chief of the battalion, Dilip Sharma, said that the higher and lower rank AFP personnel have been given different type of rice. The panel started the probe on June 26.