Republic at doorstep, says Dev Gurung

Pokhara, May 3:

Minister for Local Development and Constituent Assembly member from Constituency No 1 of Kaski Dev Gurung today said the nation would be a republic very soon.

Speaking at an interaction organised by the Pokhara chapter of the Network of Civil Society for Peace, Gurung said, “The monarchy has already been abolished, the only thing that remained to do is its formal implementation by the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly.” Nepalis would feel a sense of relief once the monarchy that ruled them for hundreds of years is formally abolished in the country, he said. Saying that a people’s constitution would not be drafted until the monarchy is abolished, he accused some national and international forces of trying to protect the monarchy.

“It will take time to end feudalism, which is deep-rooted in the country even after the abolition of the monarchy, he said, adding, “The government and the constitution will be formed keeping in view the welfare of the working class.” Saying that the Maoists were in favour of moving ahead taking along republican forces, Gurung said only a revolutionary ideology could lead the nation towards progress and change. He said the Maoists were in favour of granting true independence and rights to the civilians, adding that the countries who doubt the Maoists on independence and human rights were actually the biggest violators of these rights.