Republic brings no joy for him

Kavre, May 29:

CPN-Maoist cadres took out a procession today to celebrate the declaration of the nation as a federal democratic republic just 200 metres from Mira’s house in Banepa of Kavre, but she sat worriedly with her chin cupped in her palm and staring at her only son, Mukesh, who is lying in a coma since two years.

None of the fiery speeches, rousing songs or elated cheering in the CPN-Maoist programme could dent Mira’s melancholy. Mira Kayastha has been suffering in silence ever since Mukesh, 15, sustained a police bullet wound in his left temple during Jana Andolan II at Teendobato of Banepa. Since then Mukesh has been bed-ridden. He is being treated at home. He was admitted to hospital for 10 days recently due to some complications.

Mira’s grouse is that though a republic has been declared, the government has done scant for those injured during the public uprising of April 2005. “Mukesh also contributed to Jana Andolan II. Had he been alright, he too would have participated in the victory celebrations,” Mira said talking to this daily.

The family is extremely disheartened at the government’s indifference towards Mukesh and others like him who were lying incapacitated. Parents want that Mukesh be treated by foreign specialists.

“Earlier, the government assured of treatment abroad. Now, it is paying no heed to our need,” Mukesh’s father Krishnaman said. He added that before the constituent assembly election, some political leaders had assured that Mukesh would be sent abroad for treatment.

Mukesh underwent treatment in Bir Hospital and then for six months in Bansbari Neurological Hospital but he never came out of his coma. Arrangements have been made for him to have hospital facilities including a hospital bed at home itself.

Mukesh has a deep dent in his left temple. He cannot speak and except for his hand none of his limbs respond to stimulus. The only foods he can have are liquids fed through a tube.

The government provided Rs 9.50 lakhs for Mukesh’s medical treatment. Currently, he is getting a monthly stipend of Rs 4,000.