Revenue patrol team beefs up raids in Biratnagar

Himalayan News Service

Biratnagar, March 6:

The Armed Police Force Revenue And Customs Patrol Security Base Office in Jogbani has intensified raids in commercial godowns and stores in the districts of Morang and Sunsari for past few days. The revenue patrol team launched a series of raids after markets in Biratnagar and Itahari among others saw supply of goods smuggled from India. The raids have prompted the shifting of stores and godowns from Biratnagar to undisclosed locations.

The officials said raids will help curb illegal import of goods. The revenue patrol team has raided nine godowns and stores since February 12. During the raids the team recovered goods worth Rs 400,000 that were imported without paying customs duty. The revenue patrol team seized goods worth Rs 50,000 from Dhirendra Saha, Rs 50,000 from Radhambar Dhungana, Rs 57,000 from Ganesh Agrawal, Rs 50,000 from Manoj Agrawal — all from Biratnagar. In Itahari, the revenue team recovered goods worth Rs 14,000 from Indra Bhattarai and Rs 200,000 from two other shops.

The revenue office said it will raid more stores within mid-March if tipped about the stores with smuggled goods. Chemical fertiliser, food items, sugar, salt, fish, goat, electronics, pipe, milk and textile are smuggled into Nepal while sand, gravel, timber and cattle are sneaked into India. The revenue office is authorised to conduct patrol from Urlabari of Morang to Kosi Barrage of Sunsari. It has captured and deposited stolen goods worth Rs 2.99 million at Customs Office in Rani. The office said along with raids it will increase surveillance on the border transit points including Sikati, Dainiya, Rangeli, Kadama of Morang and Amaduwa, Bhantabari and Ghuski of Sunsari. The office has increased security checks of the travellers crossing the border in Biratnagar.