Revenue up with MAPASE initiative in Chitwan

RATNANAGAR: The District Traffic Police Office Chitwan has collected Rs. 1.1 million in the Fiscal Year 2014/15 with the penalty collected from those caught ‘drinking and driving’.

A total of 1,168 traffic violators were fined under the MAPASE drive that led to a collection of Rs. 1.168 million, according to Chief of the Office Ramesh Raj Bhetwal. The amount is Rs. 350,000 more compared to the previous fiscal.

The Office had collected Rs. 0.82 million from 826 drivers caught drinking and driving in the previous fiscal year 2013/14.

Majority of the offenders were motorcycle riders. The motorcyclists alone accounted for Rs. 1 million in the revenue collected.

The Office meanwhile has expedited the traffic checking in order to discourage the traffic violators including those involved in drinking and driving.