Rights body indicts Maoists for abduction

Nepalgunj, December 15:

A rights body has indicted the Maoists for the the abduction of Prakash Acharya and Nirmal Acharya, residents of Tulsipur-5 of Dang, some 45 days ago.

Though the abductors had freed Prakash 10 days after his abduction, the whereabouts of Nirmal are still unknown.

A report made public on Friday by the Human Rights Pact Monitoring Coordination Committee said nobody but the Maoist cadres could abduct Acharya brothers as the spot of abduction was the Maoist’s base camp.

The report adds that though the Maoists have been denying their involvement in the abduction, the district level Maoists leaders have allegedly accepted that the abductors have certain kind of affiliation with them.

Making public the report, member of the committee Ramprasad Gautam blamed poor security condition for the cause of abduction. A group of persons identifying themselves as members of ‘Tigers Group’ had abducted the Acharya brothers on October 31.

The abductors had freed Prakash reportedly after he promised to meet their demands. They have put five demands, including donation on “his own will” for his release. Nirmal’s family sources said the abductors have been asking Rs 12,500,000 for his release.

The committee has demanded for Acharya’s safe release.

Ramprasad Gautam of RRN, Ganesh Regmi of Nepal Human Rights Organisation, Suresh Gautam of Human Rights Alliance, Basanta Gautam of Advocacy Forum, Maniram Acharya of Nepal Human Rights Project of Nepal Bar Association and Pratibedan Baidhya of INSEC are the members of the monitoring committee.