Risk of Budhiganga blockage looms

Bajura, July 7

Risk of Budhiganga River blockage has increased due to incessant rainfall following landslide at Dwari of Bajura district.

The river lies between Budhiganga and Tribeni municipalities.

Locals have been terrified as the risk of landslides from Paima of Tribeni to Akkot of Budhiganga has increased.

Mayor Ram Singh Rawal of Tribeni Municipality said the landslides occurred with the onset of monsoon. “Landslides have been occurring continuously in big river areas,” he added. Rawal informed that Budhiganga might be blocked anytime if the situation remained the same. He said the villagers were warned to remain alert after the risk of the river blockage increased.

Fertile lands, suspension bridges and Sanphe-Martadi road section are also at high risk of being blocked due to landslides.

A local at Budhiganga Municipality Nabin Thapa, said the landslides had made the river narrow. “The river may be blocked at anytime,” he added.

Chairman at Food Right Network Bajura Madan Raj Jaisi, said the Sanphe-Martadi road section might get obstructed this year also due to continuous encroachment of land and landslides. He said the authority concerned had not heeded the problems despite frequent reminders about the condition.